August 5, 2011

Three excerpts from the band “Yowie” and their album “Cryptooology.” 
The band has just (July 2011) recorded its second album. Cryptooology took about three years to write, and their new album has taken the better part of five. 
Tenacious and talented aren’t even remotely close to describing them, but read an interview here:

My favorite part of the interview is with their drummer:
"…there are times when I’ve been playing the same part of six seconds for an hour and a half that I think to myself, man, maybe a punk rock band would be a great thing. But that’s really not what this band is about. We’re about girth in our songs. I think that’s a big part of why we’ve been stuck where we are in terms of very very slow progress. I will say we’re joking a lot about it being tense, but it is truly a labor of love.

In the midst of all this, were you able finish your Ph.D.

Yes. I’m a psychologist with the V.A.” 

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